March 2012

Why Are Pregnancy Books So Terrifying?

What to expect when you're expecting? TERROR.


I speak as someone on the sidelines, here. I'll turn 40 this year, and I have so far successfully been able to avoid getting pregnant. But that doesn't mean I lack empathy for mothers and expectant mothers. To the contrary; you ladies are holding up my end of the bargain, species-wise. Raising the next generation of little humans, and all. Thanks for that! Way to take that bullet, so to speak!
But one thing I have noted, over and over again, is that pregnancy advice is always terrifying. And it's usually written by someone who has no business writing pregnancy advice.
Such is the primary point of Allison Benedikt's hilarious Slate critique of What To Expect When You're Expecting. It turns out that What To Expect is not only filled with things to terrify expectant mothers (as if you need more stress, more things to worry about). It was originally written by a woman who wrote it while she was pregnant with her first child! In other words, by someone with no business writing a book about pregnancy.