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Taking Charge of Your Fertility

"This is a book that nearly every woman can benefit from"

Women today are misled on the control we can have over our own bodies.  We are told we will not be able to avoid pregnancy unless we buy some chemical form of birth control, or that the only way to successfully conceive after infertility is to take some pills or endure invasive treatments.  This simply is not so.  We have always had the key to unlocking our own fertility cycles, but modern medicine has worked hard to encourage our total dependence on its methods.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility shows women how to take complete control of their own family planning practices by simply investing a few minutes per day and being aware of their bodies.  For anyone who has suffered through missed period after missed period, wondering when that positive pregnancy test would finally come, this book can be a lifesaver.  Learning about our natural ovulation cycles, the way our bodies change during those times, and how to detect even the slightest hints that ovulation is occurring can mean the difference between that constant disappointment and an ecstatic "We're pregnant!"For women who are hesitant to rely on hormonal contraception, Taking Charge of Your Fertility can allow you to live your life without being tied to pills or medicines.  The same principles that allow a couple to conceive will allow a woman to avoid conceiving by refraining from sex or using protection during ovulation.

This is a book that nearly every woman can benefit from, and is the kind you want to pass on to your friends to share the valuable information within.  If you want to take back control of your fertility, you don't want to miss this book.