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Active Birth : The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally by Janet Balaskas

Experience the Power of a Natural Birth

Recommended by doulas and midwives, Active Birth : The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally by Janet Balaskas is a must-have book for anyone considering having a natural birth.  Since time began, women have been having babies with little assistance.
Active Birth gives us a valuable resource on positions, relaxation techniques and even helpful exercises we can do to prepare for the birth of our baby long before the event.  Focusing on physically preparing your body for childbirth, this book is presented in a straightforward, “here’s how it is” format and features detailed instructions for both mom and partner.
Touted as the single book to get if you could choose only one birthing book, Active Birth is a priceless resource, and the author’s passion for her work is evident in every line of text. 
When a woman follows her natural instincts, she will try to squat down or be upright for the birth of her baby.  In our modern Western world, we are being taught that we must be prone to deliver our babies, which not only goes against nature, but against gravity and common sense.  Janet Balaskas advocates a return to the instinctual position of being upright while giving birth, much to the relief of moms who have been stuck on their backs for too long in traditional birthing models.
Janet also focuses on how important the bond between mother and baby is, and how we should be nurturing it right away instead of treating the process of birth as a procedure that requires constant medical intervention.
If you are looking to play an active role in the birth of your baby, read Active Birth to help set you on the path toward total involvement in the beautiful experience of a natural birth.