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HypnoBirthing Books Roundup

Hypnobirthing is a term that refers to the use of hypnosis during childbirth.  It can be a great way to effectively manage pain, stay focused and relaxed, and make the process of childbirth a positive, natural and enjoyable one.  The following books are designed to walk you through using hypnobirthing practices in your own pregnancy and delivery.

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method
From the original founder of hypnobirthing, Marie Mongan, comes an in-depth book that shows you how to make childbirth the natural, positive experience it is supposed to be. Maintaining that our culture is responsible for painting childbirth as an agonizing experience, Mongan shows us how to release our fears and likewise, the pain of childbirth.

Hypnobirthing The Original Method
This method was developed by Michelle Leclaire O'Neill, PhD, R.N., and includes several techniques for making labor and birth a “glorious, instinctive event”.  The techniques are self-hypnosis, meditation, visualization, and a complete mind/body program that are designed to help women overcome their fears of labor and embrace the moment.

This is a technique I want to pursue for my own upcoming labor.  Finding ways to relax and stop fighting what is natural and meant to happen can make a big difference in how pleasant the experience is.  This means, in addition to visualization, hypnosis and other mind matters, we must also advocate for ourselves the situation that will be most relaxing and comfortable.  When I took more control over my delivery with my second child, the experience was so much more enjoyable.  We know what is best for ourselves and should do what it takes to achieve that during such a precious moment in our lives.