The Pregnancy Journal

The Pregnancy Journal

One of the ways I get excited about having a new baby is to read up on the changes both the baby and my body go through on a daily basis.  It is so fascinating how a single cell division can, over just a few months, turn into the most amazing miracle anyone has ever experienced.  There are a lot of ways to keep track of how things are changing.  With this pregnancy, I have a little app on my Android phone that updates me every week on what changes are happening.  Apps are great, but a book I can touch and feel is even better.

Enter The Pregnancy Journal.  This book is crammed with information on everything from medical changes, emotional concerns and even spiritual talk to fun little tidbits of pregnancy trivia.  Each day gets about half a page worth of information, so it is easy enough to check in on over your morning coffee, or when you are taking a midday break.

The Pregnancy Journal even has spaces to record your own thoughts and feelings, which is a really great feature when the baby is born and you want to reflect.  It can be really funny to look back and see what was bothering you or interesting to you at a certain point in your pregnancy.

With 296 reviews on Amazon, The Pregnancy Journal has an average rating of 4.5 stars.  In a happy turn of events, the Kindle edition for this book is actually lower than the print version, at $8.63.  You can use the Kindle’s Notes feature to take notes just as you would in the print version, which costs $13.57, by the way.

This is a great gift for a first-time mom or for a mom of many.  The little gems of knowledge make each day something to look forward to.