Making Babies

Making Babies

Infertility seems to be an increasing problem in our country.  Unless you have suffered it yourself, it is difficult to imagine the feelings of frustration and inadequacy fertility trouble can bring.  Sometimes, there is no physical barrier to conception, but a lack of knowledge and tools.  In other cases, additional tips can really help enhance the effectiveness of medical fertility treatments.

Making Babies is a book designed to help couples learn about the different types of fertility problems and “fertility types”.  Combining Western and Chinese methods of natural conception, this book teaches couples ways to enhance their existing fertility treatments, and better still, how to get pregnant naturally.

We suffered from fertility issues for three years before conceiving our first child.  The real problem wasn’t so much physical, but the lack of solid information.  I wish I had a book like this to help me understand just what goes on during conception, and what my body needed to be ready to conceive.  In many cases, medical intervention can come too quickly, before we have a chance to understand our bodies and make appropriate diet, lifestyle and supplement changes.

Natural conception is far superior to conception through medical intervention.  Having had it both ways, I can say that with authority.  If you are struggling with infertility, start now to learn why that is, and don’t take another step until you are knowledgeable about your body, because you may be able to conceive without medical intervention.

Making Babies is an excellent resource to help you understand your body and the natural options available to you so you do not have to jump headlong into medications and interventions.