Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

When I was pregnant with my first child, my mother-in-law gave me a pregnancy journal called The Belly Book.  The Belly Book has separate entries for every week of pregnancy, allowing you to track things like how you felt, the music you were listening to, big world events and your measurements.  Each week has a spot to put a photo, which I found to be overkill, but if you like tracking weekly it’s a great option.

In the four years since my son was born, we have had a laugh or two looking back at the pregnancy journal.  The things you don’t realize you don’t know can be pretty entertaining after a little bit of experience.  I really enjoyed writing down little things throughout my pregnancy, and it gave me something to do to celebrate the joy (and not so joyous moments) of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant yourself or looking for a gift for a pregnant friend, I highly recommend getting some type of pregnancy journal.  Not only are they great for Mom to look back on, but also for the child as they grow to get a feeling of what life was like before they were born.

The Belly Book offers a lighter take on pregnancy and the leading questions it asks are sure to get answers worth a chuckle later on.  There are many pregnancy journals to choose from, however, so for the more serious types, a formal journal is an option too.

Pregnancy journals are a great way to capture the thoughts and feelings of a special time for looking back on years down the road.