Fathers Home Birth Handbook

Fathers Home Birth Handbook

While many of the books surrounding the topic of birth, and especially home birth, center around the mother’s experience, Fathers Home Birth Handbook offers the unique perspective of the fathers.Featuring birth stories from fathers of all backgrounds, this book gives partners of home-birthing mothers a guidebook to help them through the questions they may have about this increasingly popular birthing practice.

If you are a first time dad and your partner is considering home birth, there are probably many questions you have about the safety of home birth, how to support your partner, and when to know it is time to go to the hospital.  Fathers Home Birth Handbook gives insights into these questions and offers information on current research to help assuage your fears.

Not only is this book a lifesaving resource for would-be fathers, it is also a must-have for any midwife or doula’s library, giving home birth care practitioners informed answers to help out with many common questions the father may have.

The Mother magazine, Midwifery Today, The Green Parent magazine and The Independent Direct all give it high reviews, calling this book “quite brilliant” and “essential reading”.

Fathers Home Birth Handbook is available as an e-book with Amazon’s Kindle format, and as a paperback, with prices ranging from $6.99 for the Kindle version to $12.49 in paperback format on Amazon.

If your partner is concerned about home birth, this book is a great gift choice for providing solid answers and birth stories he can relate to.