Birthing From Within

Birthing From Within

People credit Birthing From Within as their guide to having the birth they always dreamed of having. A holistic approach to childbirth, it is written by Pam England, a certified nurse midwife and registered nurse, and helps take the modern approach to birthing—the hospitals, the clinical detachment, the money and drugs and impersonality of it all—and spins it around back to its personal, emotional roots.

Birthing, after all, is a truly emotional process—one that every woman and man should be able to fully participate in. Imagine being able to do it all your way, without someone telling you that your baby must be delivered a certain way, or that you cannot be the first person to hold your newborn.

Birthing From Within is a birthing class in a book, designed to bring the psychological, spiritual, and emotional aspects of giving birth back to motherhood (and fatherhood). Too often are we told to do things the “right” way, which often takes out any personal connection we have with our child’s first day on Earth. England goes through several methods that people have used to bring back these aspects to their own birthing experiences, and, though she recommends only using them for ideas—as every experience should be unique and special to the family doing it—they are all adaptable for anyone who chooses to undergo them.

There are plenty of activities, exercises, and advice to help new mothers to stay in tune with their own bodies, feelings, and babies. England advises mothers to continually work with their healthcare providers as well as their own intuitive feelings to develop a birthing plan—and an overall pregnancy care—that will work for their own lifestyles and wishes. It’s a truly lovely, personal book that anyone who wishes to have an “unconditional” or nontraditional birthing experience should certainly explore. Even those who don’t wish to have a different kind of birthing plan may wish to read the book, simply to keep their options open.

Now, England’s book is not for everyone—not even all of the people who want to do childbirth in such a spiritual manner. Many women, unfortunately, suffer from painful diseases and pregnancy complications that, unfortunately, do require the help of a hospital and a team of doctors. It’s always advisable to continue with regular prenatal care to monitor your health as well as the health of your baby so you can make truly wise decisions about how to deliver and bring your lovely baby into the world.